New projects and products coming in the New Year!

Hello everyone and I hope you had a joyful Holiday celebration and a Merry Christmas!

I am excited to get this new year started.

Lots of great things planned and all kinds of projects started. One of the most important new projects ahead is my connection with the New Poppies Famous Paint powder.

You may have heard about the chalk paint craze, well I am a die hard re-cycler,  up-cycler “use what you have on hand” kinda person, so when I discovered my friend Nancy sharing a link to this new product I thought “cool!”

Then I discovered that it was HER product!!!  I thought REALLY cool!

And I promptly contacted her. Well after 2 hours on the phone , catching up 😉  we both decided that we would be seeing and hearing a LOT more from each other.

The Product is Poppie’s Famous Repurposing Paint Powder.


Poppies_paint_ powder


I love this product because you can use paint you already have on hand OR you can purchase just the right amount that you need in ANY color YOU choose. That’s right you are only limited by your imagination. Go to the site and check out the product. Click here to go to the site or just click on the image above.

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