Swim Suit Hangers

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I had so much fun coming up with this idea! My close friend Becky owns a really nice bathing suit shop in Cocoa Beach. She designs her own suits and beach out fits. We were sitting in her shop and I said, let’s  sell these beach plaques in your shop.

Then it hit me! How about a cute little bathing suit on the plaque and it looks like it has washed up on the beach! Talk about an ooops! LOL! Let me start making these plaques… then it hit me, Why should I paint the bathing suits, I can use fabric … real bathing suit fabric!

I asked her, “what do you do with your scraps and samples?” well that’s how it all started! Her trunk was full of fabric so off I went!

Then it hit me again! (that happens a lot!) why not make it a functional plaque it can be used to hang wet suits or what ever you need!

Not just girls suits, Baggies too, and so the baggie hanger was born. OH and you can’t forget the sand, real beach sand that always finds it’s way home after a trip to the beach.

I hope you enjoy your one of a kind hangers. They are random and won’t match.

Let’s face it, in real life would you want your significant other to have a matching suit? You wouldn’t do that to him would you? LOL!




These plaques are created using reclaimed wood when available. They measure approximately 12″ x 6″ , varnished and ready to hang.

Specify Bikini Hanger or Baggie Hanger.  They have real beach sand included!

When ordering if you don’t specify a color it will be a surprise!

Questions? Use the link below.

thanks,  Jean



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