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When coming up with this collection I wanted to paint my favorite birds. Having grown up here in Cocoa Beach Florida it was a natural to do all native birds to this area.


I love the graphic quality of the Laughing gull in it’s summer plumage.



The sanderlings are so much fun to watch as they chase and run away from the small shore breaking waves.


The Herons and Egrets are so stately and it is always a treat to watch them in action along the canals and river near our home.



Pelicans are neat too. They are quite large and it is amazing to watch them dive in head first after their fish meal. Their wings fold back just before they hit the water.





These plaques are created using reclaimed wood when available. They measure approximately 12″ x 6″ ,  and ready to hang.

They are all hand painted and unique.

Plaque may vary  but the image remains the same.

Any questions? please use the link at the bottom of the page.





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