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 We Enhance Your new or existing projects 

to create the Custom look YOU desire!



~ Raised Garden Tables

~ Raised Planters

~ Trellises

~ Privacy Screens 

~ Windbreaks

~ Decorative Gates

~ Accent Fence Panels

~ Decorative Pond Pump housings

~ Decorative Railing

~ Custom AC Unit Screens

~ Decorative Cut-Out 

    Window Shutters

~ Hand Painted Tiki Bar 

    Beach-House Signs

~ Directional Trip Posts 

    with Destination signs

~ Murals and Mural Repair

~ Architectural Accents for 

     Existing Structures



Do You have an outdoor living space, pool area or spa that has a privacy dilemma or your landscape needs a custom tiki bar accent?

Need that special touch to finish off your garden? All you need is a custom made screen or decorative fence panel to finish the project.

You want something built to last. We only use materials suited for outdoor use. Pressure treated lumber, exterior stains, acrylic paints, deck screws,(no nails!) so you will enjoy your decorative accents  for years to come!




Decorative Outdoor Privacy Screens, Feature Panels Trellises




New Pool or Jacuzzi and you need some privacy? But a store bought fence panel wont do?

Let us help you come up with a custom privacy screen that looks great, and gives you some privacy from the neighbors and protection from the wind.

Add an accent panel to an existing fence. Support your favorite flowering vine or shrub with a sturdy built on site trellis support. Much better than the flimsy ones you find at the big box stores.






Custom Raised Salad Garden and  Herb Planters



Wouldn’t you love to have a vegetable or herb garden but don’t want to bend down or have a yard?

We can build a custom raised Salad garden Table to suit your needs and fit your space.

These table are built for long lasting Value using Pressure Treated Lumber and Weather proof Deck screws.

The table is high enough for gardening with ease, No More Bending over!

The heavy duty tray is the perfect depth for Salad variety greens and veggies. 




Decorative Exterior Shutters Or Gate designs

Add a simple custom accent to your home using custom decorative exterior shutters.

Pick a design that matches your theme and we can create it and install it for you.




Custom Murals and Mural Repair

want a nicer view from your patio? How about a custom mural, tastefully done to enhance your patio or interior room.

 Indoors or Outdoors!





Tiki Bar plaques and Destination or Trip sign posts




Do you have a tiki bar or outdoor patio that needs that special touch? Let’s face it the magic is in the details. We can help you get the fun look you want in your outdoor living space and make it look like a real tiki bar.

We can create custom hand painted plaques and sign posts for your garden and patio.

For more information about how we can help you with your project just use the contact form Link below.

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