Have a Favorite Tiki Bar Plaque Quote?



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You know, “It’s 5 oclock somewhere” that type of quote.

I am putting together a collection of plaques and yard art for our new Cocoa Beach shop and have seen some great sayings lately.

Most sayings are very simple, two or three words that sum up a feeling!

Do you have a favorite that YOU would hang in your patio or tiki bar?


I have these items and more for sale at my online Shop Jeanos Art


Shore Thing                                  

swim suits optional

* who that is?

surf naked!

* somebody says …

Surf’s Up

*Therapy  &  Group Therapy

Sandy shorts

Beach Place

Island Time

Shore Line

To the Beach

Shelly Beach

Flip Flops

Beach House

Palm Beach

 Bikini Beach

Coastal Livin’

 Rum for it!

I Vodka be alone

Authentic Bahamian slang/sayings 

(from a Bahamian!)

Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses

Life is Better at the Beach

make a wish upon a (starfish)

Free Beer Tomorrow!

So if you are ready for your own plaque …

You can get these plaques and more at my online shop  Jeanos Art

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