Hand Painted Beach Sea Shell table

perfect for your coastal theme home.


 This latest project is an example of up cycling a cable spool.

My husband does carpentry work locally and loves woodworking. He grew up in the Bahamas around boats so it is something he is connected with.

He completely covered the spool with birch plywood and reclaimed cedar tongue and groove panels. He loves the glossy finish look and created that when he constructed the cedar areas of the table. The top and base that I hand painted has a nice smooth satin finish.

I decided to stick with a monochromatic theme because of the nice cedar used in the table. Monochromatic means one color so I used browns and white to tie in without distracting from the nice wood tones.

This hand painted beach sea shell table is ready for a new home. It will fit nicely in a large foyer or a small dining set up. The top is hand sanded and sealed for a nice smooth durable finish. A glass top can be added before use to make it a larger table if desired.


sea shell table finished top

 I created the top design by arranging real seashells onto the surface.


Now to paint the top! Arranging the shells then hand paint them on one at a time. #customart #coastaldecor #CocoaBeach #beach #seashell #customfurniture #handpainted #jeanosart #etsy

 It takes time deciding what arrangement looks best. My Facebook connections chimed in on  what the best look was.

First paint sketch. Next step highlights and detail #seashell #beach #customfurniture #customart #CocoaBeach #etsy #jeanosart

 Here is a detailed photo of the process of copying the shells and painting them onto the table top.


finished base of  hand painted sea shell table

 This picture shows the sanderlings down by the waterline of the beach scene.

finished base side showing sea oats on beach

 This image of sea oats wraps all the way around the base to the front.


finished base front with sanderlings

Here is an up close image of the sanderlings.

I enjoyed this project it allowed me to combine the detailed shells and scenery that is usually reserved for my Beach Benches.

If you have not seen them you can check them out here Beach Benches with coastal themes.

This table measures 37 inches wide, on the flat edge and 28 1/2 half inches high.

If you would like to add this table to your home I am offering it for sale using the “Pay what you will” pricing system. If you are not familiar with this system, you offer what you believe it’s value is to you. Shipping is non negotiable and will be determined upon ordering.

It is a lovely one of a kind piece sure to compliment a wide selection of decor themes.  Use the button below to contact me about purchasing this table.

for more information please contact me here.     contact Jean star rating

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