Hand Painted Signs Re-painting and Refurbishment



You may already have a lovely hand painted art sign for your home or business, but it may be the worse for wear. If you have wood signs you are happy with but need to be refurbished or repainted we may be able to help you out.

Here is an example of a collection of signs that needed to be repainted. The original artist was not local anymore and the owners really loved the wood signs but the weather was not kind to them over the years.

What started as a simple sign repaint turned into an artistic sign refurbishment project. I did many signs including a large collection of butterfly’s.



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These images give you an idea of what is meant by re-painting a sign. I do mostly art based commercial signage so the opportunity to help someone preserve a cherished piece is an honor.

Dave at Sun Harbor Nursery located on the Eau Gallie Cswy. Hired me to repaint his main entrance sign. After completing that project he decided he could trust me with his cherished artistic garden signs and butterfly’s.

These signs required thorough cleaning and prep. I used the best quality exterior paint and recreated the original artwork as best I could.  The results speak for themselves.

If you would like to see the repainted signs check them out at Sun Harbor Nursery!

Here are more pictures of the project, not in a slide show.


 Another Sign Project we tackled was the signs for

Seabreeze Efficiencies in Cape Canaveral Florida.


The signs were showing their age after years of sun rain and termites! We replaced the support structure with all new. Termites had destroyed the old.

The owner had made a large investment on these attractive signs and the option to refurbish them was very attractive to her. They are hand carved and very well done. But the sign business was not in the area anymore so we were available to help her out for a fraction of the price of replacing them.

After removing the old signs we rebuilt the chipped and broken areas with a wood hardening type filler and cleaned off all of the loose paint. Then we repainted the signs with top quality Exterior paint like on all of our exterior projects.

The signs on the wall of the property were cleaned and repainted on site. They were under cover and did not need to be removed.

The signs look like new!


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