Hand painted Up-Cycled Map Table Project


Map Table step by step


I remember when I got the call.  My mom was at a garage sale. Not just any sale, but her buddy who was a teacher when I was in 6th grade.

She was moving out of Cocoa Beach to be closer to her kids, so she was selling what she didn’t want to move.

I got the call.    Jean, Francis has a couple of things I think you should look at.  So off we went.

And there they were. 2 Old maple tables that really weren’t much to look at.

But to me I saw tables that belonged to the gal who read “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” out loud to our class. I still remember her voice … I had to get the tables!

They were a LOT heavier than they looked. So we brought them home.

I took a couple of days looking at the tables to decide what I would like to do with them.

They had an interesting detail that looked like boat railing on the edges. Could be off putting to some but raised some interesting opportunities for designs.

I decided to have fun with it so let’s go really Nautical.

Map table getting repaired

It needed some basic repair and reinforcement to make it sound. Then the painting starts.

First step was giving it an overall paint finish to brighten it up.


white paint on table

I like the distressed look, easy to do and makes the pieces more interesting, so we went with white,  a nice coastal neutral.

Chapter 2 in my life includes a new husband who happens to be from the Bahamas. So between my Cocoa Beach Florida roots and his Island Heritage coming up with a Fun Nautical map theme seemed like a fit.

using my atlas for accuracy

Now to find some inspiration. I always try to find real objects or photos to be as close to authentic as I can, so the map was made from studying my atlas. The conch shell was painted from a shell I brought home on my first trip over to the Abacos.


conch shell inspiration

The mermaid and other fun things I just painted from memory. I had fun adding details, trying to keep things balanced.


blocking out the shapes      adding color to the painted table


map table Venice Florida   Close up of hand painted map table


The colors are fairly bright but not obnoxious.  I always try to paint furniture so you can live with it for a long time. This table is bright but it is a perfect fit for a more casual theme, like a beach house or vacation get away.


Well that’s it for the map table. I will have pictures of the side table when I get started on it.

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thanks!   Jean


6 Responses to “Hand painted Up-Cycled Map Table Project”

  1. I love this! Would want to create it using a map of France! Awesome Jeano!

  2. Jeano says:

    Thanks Denise! I’m gonna be setting up workshops in Paint It UpArt to help others do this too! Jean

  3. Jewelyn Sims says:

    I am interested in purchasing this table.

  4. Jewelyn Sims says:

    Where are the workshops ?

  5. Jeano says:

    Hi Jewelyn, I am located in the Cocoa Beach FL area. I do have access to a studio in Satellite Beach but right now I am not doing my own workshops. I have been creating online lessons. The map table is sold. This weekend I will be in Plant City Florida doing demonstrations using decoupage. April 25-26 at the Fancy Flea Market. We will be in the Central tent. I have more furniture and art to sell and will have it there. Come by and see me! Jean

  6. Jeano says:

    I am looking into a studio in Satellite Beach on South Patrick Dr. Contact me using the form and we can chat 🙂 sorry it took so long to get back!

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