Painted Wooden Sign Rehab



 There are many business and property owners out there that invested in really nice carved wooden signs. Over time those signs can show their age.


One of my latest services is helping you extend the life of your wooden sign investments. In this Example I was called on to rehab the wooden signs of an Efficiency rental property in Cape Canaveral Florida.


The property owner is in the middle of a major rehab of all the units and buildings and part of that is the signage of the property. She had already invested in the past on these very nice carved wooden signs.


I was able to help her preserve and reuse the signs she already had. We had lots of work to do on the landscape signs. The signs that were located on the building only required cleaning and repainting.


The landscape signs needed more work. We replaced the sign posts and structure with new pressure treated lumber and deck screw and 2 coats of Behr Marquee their best Exterior paint. My favorite for any outdoor project.

 Below you can see the before and after pictures of the sign project.

2013-11-12 12.19.22

2013-11-12 12.19.51

2013-11-12 12.21.33

Upclose of signs during rebuild process

Sign close up

Seabreeze sign finished

I will be updating the photograph sequence once the buildings are painted and the landscape is redone.

Once complete the owners rehab project will make her property in Cape Canaveral a nice place for visitors to stay and a show place in the neighborhood.

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thanks,  Jean

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