Pirate Map Mural at The Island Restaurant and Bar

When presented with the mural request for The Island, the first thing that struck me was the old mural. It was well done, nice colors etc. but it was redundant.

When you paint murals you want to add an element that is not local. In other words, you don’t paint a water scene when there is a real water scene on location and right across from your mural.

Murals bring in a decorative element that you don’t have. SO…..


Video 2 0 00 52-13


this is the REAL view of the water, directly opposite of this….


Video 2 0 01 05-23


Now like I said, it is a nice mural, but it would have been more effective in a closed off room thus opening up a wall visually.


Video 9 0 00 00-01

So the first step was painting over the existing mural to create a blank canvas. Since this wall is located behind any live band that is booked at the place I incorporated their logo front and center!

image (3)






middle process 1


completed the Island mural


image (4)


So now there is a nice backdrop for the bands, the clients have something interesting to look at and the view is right there in all it’s natural glory.

To really appreciate this mural you have to go see it in person!  😉

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