Weathered tiki bar stools repaint with maps project


After 3 years of weather and wear the outdoor tiki bar stools needed a face lift.


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So we took them inside and got started. After cleaning them off we painted the legs with black Behr Marquee paint. Really good exterior paint that I had on hand. Great finish for an outdoor tiki bar project.


I then painted the seats a bright aqua that was left over from the Jim Sears furniture gallery mural project.

I decided that would be a good color keeping with the theme of the bar. I would be able to paint fish or sea shells, what ever I wanted.

Then I remembered how much fun it was painting the Hand painted upcycled  map table I had done so I decided to paint maps on the seats. I took out my trusty Atlas and decided on basic colors and shapes. No particular place, but I did make the shapes islands.

I blocked in the shapes of the islands first with white paint. This lets me create the shapes I want and keeps the colors of the islands bright once I start filling in the browns and greens of the “terrain”.

Then I painted random white lines and dashed lines to give it the look of maps.

I decided against going into more detail, since they were going to be sat on and not looked at for any length of time.

Now when we have guests at the tiki bar the walk up the ramp take a quick peek at the seat and sit down to enjoy the visit.


Mission accomplished!  🙂  Jean


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